Classes In Chaotic Lands

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  • Fighter

    Fighters make their way in the world primarily by skill at arms.  They can use any weapon and wear any armor.  Fighters live or die by their knowledge of weapons and tactics.  They can be found at the front of any battle, contesting toe-to-toe with monsters and enemies.  A good fighter needs to be strong and healthy if he hopes to survive.  They also have the ability to make basic weapons and armor to use in combat or to sell for a profit.

    • Warrior Guild
      Warriors are the most skilled fighters alive, they are able to use all weapons and armor to there fullest extent. Although Warriors have no magical abilities they can drink potions and use magical scrolls. They have been known to duel wield which makes them very dangerous in combat.

    • Battle Mage Guild
      A Battle Mage is a skilled fighter that has the ability to wield small amounts of magical power. Battle Mages are known to have the ability to summon up a strange magical Two-Handed Sword that glows a deep blue and does incredible damage.

    • Paladin Guild
      The Paladin is a character like no other. They are very good fighters with the ability Lay hands to heal the worst wounds and they posses minor priestly spells.

    • Ranger Guild
      Rangers have the basic skills of a fighter and the art of tracking. It's said that a high level ranger can still track his enemy in the worst conditions like a blizzard. Rangers also have the ability to cast low level druid spells.

    • Armorer Guild
      Armorers have mastered the art of crafting mighty weapons and strong armor. They have the ability to resize armor. Although they are exceptional craftsmen, they are good in combat.

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