Classes In Chaotic Lands

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  • Priest

    A Priest is a believer and advocate of the Gods.  More then just a follower, they are the most divine characters you'll ever see.  They posses the power to heal any wound or illness in the realm.  Most Priest decide to live life in their church, others go off into the unknown to spread the word of their great and wonderful God.

    • High Priest Guild
      High Priest are the most holiest in the realm. Some people say they have conversations with the gods all the time. A mighty High Priest priestly power is so strong they could easy cure a village from any disease or curse in seconds. High Priest have the ability to bring other people back from the dead.

    • Scribe Guild
      A Scribe is a priest that is very strong in the priestly ways. They have the power to put most of their spells written on parchment for later use. These scriptures are worth a lot and are very useful in just about every situation.

    • Cleric Guild
      Clerics are sturdy soldiers. Although their selection of weapons is limited and can wear nothing heavier then scale mail, they are very powerful healers. This combination of fighting and healing makes them deadly in combat. Clerics have the ability to ask the gods to be blessed. If they answer him positively then he is not one to be dealt with in combat, because sure enough he will win.

    • Zealot Guild
      Zealots are priest that have dedicated there lives studying the art of the mighty Ninja. A Zealot has the ability to use his mana in a way unlike most others, he can Heal someone to full health with a small portion of his magical energy. There fast moves and strong healing power makes them very dangerous.

    • Missionary Guild
      Missionaries are the biggest reason religion gets around so fast. They strive to convert other people into there own religion. They have the power to use priest spells as well as some thief skills. Missionaries can create a strange magical 1 handed sword from deep within their soul. This Soul Sword is a very magical and dangerous weapon.

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