Classes In Chaotic Lands

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  • Mage

    A Mage strives to be a master of magical energies, shaping them and casting them as spells.  To do so, he studies strange tongues and obscure facts and devotes much of his time to magical research.  A Mage must rely heavily on knowledge and wit to survive.

    • Wizard Guild
      Wizards are the most feared mages alive. They are so skilled in the art of spell casting they can simply clear an area with a snap of the fingers. Wizards have the ability to force all of there magical energy into a stream of mana that does incredible damage.

    • Warlock Guild
      A Warlock is a powerful mage with the ability to fight with one handed weapons but can wear nothing heavier then scale mail. A Warlock can acquire a magical shield that can protect him from many dangers in combat.

    • Alchemist Guild
      Alchemist are unique characters. Because they spend their whole life making bigger and better potions. These potions are very much valued to a store clerk trying to make some money, a warrior in combat, or even someone looking for a way to breathe underwater. Potions are normally not heavy at all and have a use in almost every situation.

    • Conjurer Guild
      Conjurers study the art of summoning creatures. High level Conjurers can summon some of the most deadliest creatures ever known. Most of the time they summon these creatures to aid them in combat, but sometimes they use them for smaller tasks.

    • Illusionist Guild
      Illusionists are great mages with the power to create all kinds of illusions. From creating fools' gold, to creating multiple images of them self to trick people in combat. They are very tricky with their magic and for this reason they are very dangerous in combat.

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