Classes In Chaotic Lands

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  • Druid

    Druids serve the cause of nature.  The wilderness is their community.  Druids are allowed to use only "natural" armors like leather armor and wooden shields.  Druids are very magical beings, their spells are some of the most powerful in the realm.

    • High Druid Guild
      High Druids are extremely attuned with nature. Their magical ability surpasses most other beings. With natures wrath on their side, they could easily wipe out an army with a swirling tornado or a devastating earth quake. High Druids also have the ability to entangle their victims on site. High Druids are not the be reckoned with.

    • Herbalist Guild
      A Herbalist is a master of making concoctions or remedies. He is able to make just about anything in a bottle. Theses concoctions are very useful and always sell for a nice price at the market.

    • Woodsmen Guild
      Woodsmen are the brutes of the wilderness. They prefer to fight up close. Woodsmen have the ability to turn their skin to hardened stone. With the help of their harden skin and spells they stand a very good chance of winning a fight.

    • Haberdasher Guild
      A Haberdasher is a druid that has spent most his life learning new ways to create leather armor. They are so skilled at this art, that anything made from these great beings are worth a lot to merchants.

    • Summoner Guild
      Summoner has learned to the ways of using nature to create followers. Because these followers are magically created they only live for a few hours at most. These followers range from field mice to giant serpents.

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